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BUILDRTM "Unresolved External" Using OVLDOS21.OBJ; Not Allowed

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

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The stub file OVLDOS21.OBJ, which is shipped with Microsoft Basic Professional Development System (PDS) Versions 7.00 and 7.10 for MS-DOS, can be linked into an .EXE program that uses an extended run-time module, but is not allowed to be built into an extended run-time module.

The link error "L2029: Unresolved external" displays a few times if you attempt to use the BUILDRTM.EXE utility to place the OVLDOS21.OBJ file into an extended run-time module.

The following sentences need to be added to Pages 539, 611, and 663 of the "Microsoft Basic 7.0: Programmer's Reference" manual (for versions 7.00 and 7.10):

Note that you cannot use BUILDRTM to build the OVLDOS21.OBJ stub file into an extended run-time module. You can link OVLDOS21.OBJ into an .EXE program that uses a normal or extended run-time module.


The following is a correct example to link the OVLDOS21.OBJ stub file for use with an extended run-time module:

LINK import.obj+main.obj+OVLDOS21.obj+(sub1)+(sub2),main.exe,,extrtm.lib;

The OVLDOS21.OBJ stub file shipped with Basic PDS Version 7.00 is provided to support code overlays under MS-DOS Version 2.10. This stub file is not required if overlays are to be used on MS-DOS Versions 3.00 and later. For more information about overlays, search for a separate article by querying on the following words:

how and use and LINK and overlays and Basic and PDS and 7.00

Additional query words: BasicCom

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