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Windows 3.0 WIN.INI [extensions] Section


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.0, 3.0a


The following information is contained in the Microsoft Windows 3.0 WININI.TXT readme file. The Windows Setup program copies this file to the Windows directory.


The [extensions] section contains settings that link groups of
document files with an application so that opening the document file
automatically starts the application.

The [extensions] section can contain settings of the following type:

<extension>=<executable-filename input-filename>

Purpose: Contains a list of filename extensions and corresponding
         applications that are called when the user chooses a file
         that has one of the given extensions.

         The <extension> keyname is a one- to three-character
         extension. The <executable-filename> value is the filename
         (with the .EXE extension) of the corresponding application.
         The <input-filename> value is the filename that will be
         passed to the application when called. This value can be any
         filename, or it can consist of a special wildcard character
         -- the caret (^) -- followed by a filename extension. The
         caret (^) represents all files with the specified extension.

         For example, the following setting links document files with
         the .CAL extension to the Windows Calendar application:

            cal=calendar.exe ^.cal

To change: Choose Association from the File menu in File Manager. 

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