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Word: Network Hangs with Expanded Memory Manager Installed

PSS ID Number: Q58325 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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It is very common to find situations where the memory addresses on a network card and on an expanded memory manager overlap. This overlap happens primarily because of the differences in how network cards and memory boards address locations in the computer’s memory.

The expanded memory manager is generally loaded through the CONFIG.SYS file and takes over an area of memory (64K minimum) between C000H:0000 and E000H:FFFF. This address range is also reserved for network cards, XT hard-disk controllers, and ROM memory expansion. Because network cards don’t access the memory window until the network software is activated, memory conflicts may not appear in an application using expanded memory until the network is activated.

A good indication of such a conflict is the situation where Word works properly with expanded memory before the network is started, but hangs when the network is running unless the /X parameter is used. In a situation like this, you must change either the parameters used in the expanded memory manager line in the CONFIG.SYS file or the network board settings.

Note: Some network boards are configured through software, not hardware, and must be adjusted with this in mind.

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