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Suppressing Zeros in Multiplan PSS ID Number: Q58257 Article last modified on 03-28-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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It is possible to suppress zeros in Multiplan by using an IF statement. After choosing the Value mode, enter the following in one cell:

  1. Enter “IF(” (without the quotation marks).
  2. Enter the formula to be evaluated.
  3. Enter “=0” (without quotation marks) immediately after the formula.
  4. Enter a comma, two quotation marks (that is, ""), and another comma.
  5. Again, enter the formula to be evaluated.
  6. Enter “)” (without the quotation marks) and press the ENTER key.

Multiplan tests the formula to see if it equals zero. If it is zero, nothing is entered in the cell. Otherwise, the formula is evaluated and the answer is placed in the cell.

For example, if the formula is


the expression is entered as follows:


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