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Works 2.00: Installing on a Toshiba T1000 RAM Drive

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To run Works 2.00 on a Toshiba T1000, 762K, D: hard RAM drive, complete the following steps. A patch is available from Microsoft Product Support at (425) 635-7150, that provides full functionality running from the T1000 RAM drive.

  1. Copy the following files from your original disks to Drive D:

    WORKS.PGM (from your Program and Accessories disk) WORKS.OVL (from your Program and Accessories disk) COMM.SCD (from your Program and Accessories disk) SPELL.OVL (from your Spell, Help & Thesaurus disk) MAIN.DIC (from your Spell, Help & Thesaurus disk)

  2. Rename the file WORKS.PGM on Drive D to WORKS.EXE.

  3. At the D: prompt, type the following, pressing ENTER at the end of each line:

    COPY CON AUTOEXEC.BAT SET TMP=A: ^Z (obtained by pressing CTRL+Z)

With this configuration, you will have less than 2K of available memory on Drive D. This requires that you save all files to a data disk in Drive A, and that this disk remain in Drive A throughout your Works session. In addition, mouse, charting, help, and tutorial functions are not available, and creation of macros is limited by free space remaining on Drive D.

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