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Multiplan: Embedding Printer Control Sequence PSS ID Number: Q58223 Article last modified on 03-28-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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When attempting to embed a printer control sequence into a Multiplan spreadsheet, as detailed on Page 477 of the “Microsoft Multiplan” manual, Multiplan will beep and reject the escape sequence unless the Alpha mode is selected first.

To correctly enter the sequence, move the cell pointer to the cell where the sequence is to be entered, choose Alpha from the command menu, then enter the sequence. To enter an escape sequence such as Escape SI, enter CTRL+B followed immediately by the left square bracket “[”. A left pointing arrow will appear to indicate an escape character has been entered. Immediately type SI and press the ENTER key.

Another method for entering codes involves using the CHAR() function. For example, to enter an escape SI, choose Value and enter the following:


Note that 27 is the decimal equivalent of the escape character.

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