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Works: Disk Contents for Version 1.00

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====================================================================== 1.00 MACINTOSH kbother ENDUSER


Below is a list of the files that should be on the master disks for Microsoft Works version 1.00.


The contents for the Microsoft Works Demonstration Disk are as follows:

Filename File Type ——– ———

BIG BOY Document CONCEPTS Document Sounds Document System System Document Tour Engine Application TOUR LIST Document

The contents for the Microsoft Works Program Disk are as follows:

Filename File Type ——– ———

Microsoft Works Application Addresses Works 1.0 Document Budget Works 1.0 Document Final Report Works 1.0 Document MsWorksHelp Works 1.0 Document Requests Works 1.0 Document Results Works 1.0 Document Resume Works Works 1.0 Document Sales Projections Works 1.0 Document Scores Works 1.0 Document System Folder Folder Clipboard File System Document Finder System Document ImageWriter Chooser Document Laser Prep 3.1 LaserWriter 3.1 Document LaserWriter 3.1 Chooser Document Scrapbook File System Document System System Document

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