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Word: Document Retrieval Does Not Update Query

PSS ID Number: Q58199 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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If you place floppy drive A in the query line for document retrieval and press ENTER, Microsoft Word for DOS displays a list of files on the drive as expected. If you change the disk in drive A and perform the query again, Word lists only the files from the first query.

To force Word to update the list of files for the existing query, use the key combination SHIFT+F4 from within the Document-Retrieval screen.

In Word version 5.5, the File Management “Files:” list, generated by a previous Search, is not automatically updated the next time you choose File Management from the File menu. To refresh the Search, press SHIFT+F4 after choosing File Management from the File menu.

The following information pertains to Word versions 4.0, 5.0, and 5.5. Word 5.5 uses the word “search” instead of “query.”

Not updating or refreshing the query is a feature of Word. Larger queries take longer amounts of time to compile. If a query extends across multiple subdirectories and only a minor change to a query is required, it is time consuming to have Word recompile the entire query. Word is “smart” in assuming the contents of a drive and directory specification have not changed. This is particularly useful when querying different hard disks or network drives where volumes remain static.

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