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Printing Running Heads on First Page of Included Documents

PSS ID Number: Q58117 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




To print a running head or footer on the first page of an included document in a print merge, place a division mark after the previous INCLUDE statement in the main document. You do not need to place a division mark before the first INCLUDE statement. The requirement for division marks in this situation is new beginning with Word version 5.00.


To demonstrate this requirement for division marks in the main document, perform the following steps:

  1. Create three distinct documents with unique headers and footers. Save them as DOC1.DOC, DOC2.DOC, and DOC3.DOC. Make sure that these documents will print individually with the running head/footer on the first page.

  2. Create a main document containing a series of include statements such as the following:


  3. Execute the Print Merge Printer command.

  4. Examine the output and note that the running heads and footers are not printing at the top of the first page of DOC2.DOC and DOC3.DOC.

  5. Add a division mark between the include statements for DOC1.DOC and DOC2.DOC and between DOC2.DOC and DOC3.DOC. Format the division break for Continuous. Repeat Steps 3 and 4. Note that the printout now contains running heads/footers on the first page of every included document.

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