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WD: List of Companion Products for MS-DOS Word

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The following is a list of advertised companion products for use with Microsoft Word for MS-DOS version 5.0. Each product is supported independently by its manufacturer.

The following are independent companion products and descriptions of those products for Microsoft Word version 5.0 as of January 1990:

Addresselope by Barry Watzman

“Prints smart-looking envelopes easily. Captures and prints addresses off the screen – without leaving Microsoft Word. Prints on a variety of envelopes to any LaserJet, daisywheel, or dot matrix printer.”

Adobe Type Library by Adobe Systems

“Newsletter Publishing Pack offers PostScript fonts from three typeface families. Contact Adobe Systems at (415) 961-4400 for more information.”

Anderson Soft-Teach by Anderson Soft-Teach

"Hour-long videotapes divided into several lessons accompanied by a practice disk and personal training guide. Contact Anderson Soft-Teach at (408) 434-0100 for more information.

BackLoader by Roxxolid Corporation

“Download fonts while you work. Finds out which fonts are loaded at any time. For use with HP LaserJet and compatibles.”

Bitstream Scalable Typefaces by Bitstream

“Includes four styles each (Roman, italic, bold, and bold italic) of Swiss and Dutch that can be scaled up to 127-point font size. Call Bitstream at (800) 522-FONT for more information.”

Business Success Series by PSI Research

“Guides the user towards his or her business goals with a simple question/answer format, and prewritten forms, graphs, policies and spreadsheets.”

Corporate Ladder by BLOC Publishing Corporation

“Create organizational charts, decision trees, procedure diagrams and more. Use free form design for quick and easy charting. Update chart in seconds as your company grows and changes.”

Includes the following:

  A Company Policy and Personnel Workbook
  Develop Your Business Plan

Definitions Plus! by WordScience Corporation

“The electronic American Heritage Dictionary. Provides multiple definitions, parts of speech, usage notes, and more for over 115,000 words and word forms. Works with Word’s own spell checker and thesaurus.”

Diskette Manager 3 by BLOC Publishing Corporation

“Catalogs files on each diskette and prints labels in seconds. Produces library reports to track diskettes and files. Completely menu driven for fast easy operation.”

Docucomp by Advanced Software Inc.

“Tracks document revisions. Automatically finds and views every document change in seconds. Tracks text that’s been inserted, deleted, replaced, or moved.”

Exact by Technical Support Software

“Create complex formulas and mathematical expressions without leaving Microsoft Word. See formulas and expressions on screen as you create them.”

Fastpak Mail by BLOC Publishing Corporation

“Organize thousands of names and addresses. Print any type of mailing label – plus airbills, packing lists, and more. Sort by zip code for best postal rates.”

Font Solution Pack by SoftCraft, Inc.

“Automatically installs soft fonts from any vendor. Create and print curved, rotated, or reversed text on your LaserJet or compatible. Add special effects to existing fonts.Create logos and special symbols and edit any font to add new characters or alter existing characters.”

FormWorx by FormWorx Corporation

“Create any form easily and quickly. Fill out forms with on-screen templates. Print the results on any graphics printer.”

Grammatik IV by Reference Software

“Checks for grammar, style, usage, punctuation, and spelling errors – all in a single pass. Can detect over 10,000 types of writing errors.”

Hijaak by Inset Systems, Inc.

“Converts images to and from 13 popular graphics formats, including PC Paintbrush (PCX), scanned (TIFF), PostScript (EPS), Dr. Halo (CUT), Gem Paint (IMG), HP plotter (HPGL), and Lotus (PIC).”

HP Type Director by Hewlett-Packard

“Let’s you generate your own soft fonts from eight scalable HP typefaces and installs, downloads and manages these and other HP compatible soft fonts. Get the most out of Word by using a variety of fonts.”

Instant Business Letters by LightningWord Corporation

“The exact letter you need – in an instant. Insert nearly 400 professionally written model sales and business letters you can use at the touch of a key.”

Instant Recall by Chronologic Corporation

“A personal information manager. Organize a broad range of information: notes, tasks, schedule, and contacts. Pop up over other software for instant access.”

Instant Resume by LightningWord Corporation

“Everything you need to create effective, professional resumes. A comprehensive approach to resume writing includes hundreds of proven resumes and cover letters on disk, plus the book – Resumes That Knock ’Em Dead.”

Keynotes Electronic Reference Library by Digital Learning Systems

“Memory resident reference books. Get help with common business procedures. Improve the accuracy of your work. Use simple pull- down menus for quick, easy access to information.”

Includes the following:

  Complete Secretary's Handbook
  Financial Mathematics Handbook
  Associated Press Stylebook
  Writer's Handbook

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing by Software Toolworks

“The only typing program that combines the methods proven best. Checks your progress and tailors the perfect course to your individual needs. Graph, sound, and games make learning fun and effective.”

More Fonts by Micrologic Software

“Create your own custom LaserJet or DeskJet fonts. Add outline, drop shadow, a fill pattern, or combination of special effects. Downloads fonts up to 15 times faster than other font packages.”

OverDrive 2 by TurboSoft

“Easily organizes, assembles, and merges Word documents and forms. OverDrive 2’s exclusive MergeLink lets you generate documents, form letters, and mailing labels directly from Microsoft Excel, dBase, Paradox, Lotus 1-2-3, or ASCII files.”

PC Globe 3 by PC Globe, Inc.

“Get instant profiles of 177 countries. This computerized atlas provides detailed maps, graphics, facts, and figures in one efficient source. It brings the entire world to your desk – instantly.”

PC USA by PC Globe, Inc.

“Get detailed geographic and demographic information. Export text and graphic to other programs.”

Personal Lawyer by BLOC Publishing Corporation

“Create a valid will, residential lease, and other legally binding documents – and update them as needed – all without a lawyer. For each type of document, Personal Lawyer asks a series of questions. From your responses, it creates and prints a document that’s unique to your requirements.”

PicturePaks by Marketing Graphics, Inc.

“Add clarity, style, and visual impact to reports, newsletters, and presentations with distinctive PicturePak electronic clip-art. Each edition includes 180 images in both CGM (vector) and PCX (raster) file formats.”

PopDrop by BLOC Publishing Corporation

“Resolves aggravating RAM resident conflicts. Remove, replace, activate, and deactivate RAM resident programs without rebooting. Avoid keyboard conflicts and freeze-ups.”

Printmaster Plus by Unison World

“Design and print banners, posters, cards, invitations, fliers, and more. Includes 10 fonts, 11 borders and 120 clip art images.”

ProKey Plus by RoseSoft

“Perform hundreds of keystrokes with one key. Access features with new pull-down menus. Create macros as you work.”

ScanMan Plus by Logitech, Inc.

“Hand-held, affordable, easy-to-use personal scanner. Scans anything – drawings, photos, newspapers and integrates images into Microsoft Word documents.”

SoftCraft Font Special Effects Pack By SoftCraft

“Creates curved, slanted, and reversed text images, shadows, outlines, inlines, striped interiors, and fill patterns all installed for use with Format Character. Also makes graphics that can be linked in to a document. Contact SoftCraft at (608) 257-3300 for more information.”

SuperCartridge by IQ Engineering

“Get every useful font in one LaserJet cartridge. Enhance your work with a variety of attractive fonts, 17 typefaces all in one cartridge.”

Word Companion Disk by Peter Rinearson

“Take advantage of illustrated help screens, a wealth of useful macros, superb style sheets, sample form letters, and more – all in easy-to-use disk form. Advanced Quick Help enhances Word’s help system. Ready-to-use macros make it easy to tap Word’s full powers. Style sheets help you unlock Word’s most powerful feature.”

Word Exchange by Systems Compatibility Corporation

“Converts documents between Word and most other word processing programs, keeping the formatting intact. Offers two-way conversion between Word 3.00 and later versions, and over a dozen other word processing formats, including WordPerfect, WordStar, DisplayWrite, MulitMate, Samna Word, and Volkswriter.”

Word for Word Professional (Discontinued) by Mastersoft Corporation

“Fast, easy document conversion. Converts Word documents to and from other formats. Supports nearly every major PC word processor, including WordPerfect, WordStar, DisplayWrite, IBM Writing Assistant, MultiMate, OfficeWriter, PFS:First Choice, Professional Write, Samna Word, XyWrite, and Microsoft Word.”

NOTE: Mastersoft is now owned by Inso. For more information, please contact Inso. For information about how to contact Inso, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

ARTICLE-ID: Q65416 TITLE : Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List, A-K

Class-in-a-Box by Microsoft

“Includes instructor’s guide, student workbooks, and specialized classroom aids. Includes one core module, Everyone’s Word, and five elective modules: Legal Word, Business Word, Writer’s Word, Stylish Word, and Last Word. For more information, contact the Microsoft Information Center at (800) 426-9400.” ====================================================================== ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.