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Word: Screen Corruption with Adaptec SCSI Controller

PSS ID Number: Q57922 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Word Version 5.00 may experience screen corruption when it is run on a 80386-based computer with expanded memory that is using an SCSI hard disk drive and the Adaptec SCSI 386-compatible controller card (part number AHA-1542A).

This problem does not occur on 8086-, 8088-, or 80286-based computers. To verify that your screen corruption problem is being caused by Word’s use of expanded memory, try starting Word with the /x switch (word/x). When Word is invoked, this switch will disable Word’s use of expanded memory.

To correct this problem, Adaptec has a device driver called SCSIHA.SYS that can be installed in the 80386 computer’s CONFIG.SYS file.

This device driver can be obtained by contacting Adaptec Technical Support at (408) 745-2550 or by downloading the SCSIHA.SYS device driver from the Adaptec bulletin board service, which can be reached at (408) 945-7727.

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