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Word: Printing Gray Scale PICT Graphics with Super Laser Spool PSS ID Number: Q57673 Article last modified on 11-18-1993 PSS database name: APpsConV

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When attempting to print a PICT graphic pasted into Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, version 4.0 or 5.0, that was created in a program that uses color, the LaserWriter printer driver Color/Grayscale option may not work when using Super Laser Spool, a printer spooler program made by SuperMac Software. The resulting printout may be in black and white. Super Laser Spool is similar to Apple’s Print Monitor printer spooler program. A printer spooler program allows an application that is printing to transfer the printing task to the spooler, so you can work with the application while it is still printing.

More Information:

The Color/Grayscale option allows different shades of gray to be substituted for colors on the LaserWriter when using version 6.00 of Apple’s LaserWriter printer driver. Versions of Super Laser Spool prior to version 2.01 print in standard black-and-white mode. To correct this problem, either print without using Super Laser Spool or update to version 2.01 or later of Super Laser Spool.

To disable Super Laser Spool, either remove it from the System Folder and restart, or use the LaserQueue desk accessory that comes with Super Laser Spool to de-install it.

For more information about Super Laser Spool, contact Fifth Generation Systems at the following address and phone number:

Fifth Generation Systems 10049 North Reiger Road Baton Rouge, LA 70809 (800) 766-7283 (504) 291-7221

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