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Bitstream Printer Driver Prints Envelopes Incorrectly

PSS ID Number: Q57605 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Printer drivers created with the Bitstream Soft Font Kit for an HP LaserJet Series IID contain an incorrect escape sequence at byte 112 of the PCSD table. Consequently, Word prints both the left and right margins incorrectly; a 1/4-inch top and 1/4-inch left margin print as 1-inch margins.

To correct this problem, use Word’s MAKEPRD utility to change the escape sequence at byte 112. First, convert the Fontware-created printer driver into a text file. Load the text file into Word. Search for byte:112 in the PCSD table. It should read as follows:

byte:112 mod:0 “a6H”

Change the escape code that appears within the quotation marks so that the modified line reads as follows:

byte:112 mod:0 “a6h0e0L^[&a-3R”

Save the file as a text file and rerun MAKEPRD to convert the text file back into a binary PRD file.

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