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Accessing Software Library/RoundTable/Knowledge Base on GEnie PSS ID Number: Q57589 Article last modified on 09-16-1992 PSS database name: PSS


This article explains how to access the Microsoft Software Library, RoundTable, and Knowledge Base on GEnie.

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GEnie Account Number Modem Telecommunication Software

GEnie Account Number

You must have a GEnie account number available for your use. For more information about obtaining a GEnie account number, contact GE Client Services at (800) 638-9636.

Connection to GEnie

A modem and telecommunication software are required to connect to GEnie. The modem can have a baud rate of either 300/1200 or 2400. The telecommunication software is necessary to act as an interface between your computer and GEnie. The documentation you receive with your telecommunication software will guide you in setting up the software to connect to GEnie.

Seattle Area Numbers

300/1200 baud 286-6560 2400 baud 286-6584

Software Library, RoundTable(s), and Knowledge Base

Once connected to GEnie, you are ready to access either the Microsoft Software Library, RoundTable(s), or Knowledge Base.

The Microsoft Software Library on GEnie is located on page 506; the Microsoft RoundTable(s) and Knowledge Base are located on page 505. To access the Microsoft Software Library, RoundTable, or Knowledge Base, type the letter “M” (“Move”) followed by the page number for the desired choice, as in the following example:


  1. Genie Users’ RT 2. Index-Info
  2. Billing/Setup 4. GE Mail & Chat
  3. Computing 6. Travel
  4. Finance 8. Shopping
  5. News 10. Games
  6. Professional 12. Leisure
  7. Reference 14. Logoff

Enter # or <Help>? m 506

M 506 tells GEnie to (M)ove to page 506 where the Microsoft Software Library is located. Software Library 2, “Systems Journal and KnowledgeBase”, contains software library files provided by Microsoft. To access the RoundTable or Knowledge Base, type “M 505” (without the quotation marks) at the prompt.

After typing the desired page at the prompt, a menu will appear on the screen. Enter your selection by typing the number of the menu option.

Articles in the Knowledge Base reference files in the Software Library using the unique S-Numbers assigned to the files. Files in the Software Library reference the pertinent articles in the Knowledge Base using the unique Q numbers assigned to the Knowledge Base articles.

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