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COBOL LINKER Does Not Create .DDL Files, Creates .DLLs

PSS ID Number: Q57503 Article last modified on 01-24-1990

3.00 3.00a OS/2

Summary: Page 4-10 of the “Microsoft COBOL Version 3.0: Operating Guide” for Versions 3.00 and 3.00a incorrectly states that the OS/2 LINK.EXE program creates a .DDL file for each dynamic link routine. The OS/2 linker does not create .DDL files but creates .DLL files. The line should read as follows: The linker LINK.EXE creates a .DLL file for each dynamic link routine. This information applies to Microsoft COBOL Versions 3.00 and 3.00a for MS OS/2. DLLs are also called “dynamic linked libraries” or “dynlink libraries.” OS/2 cannot recognize a dynlink library if it has the extension .DDL (with two Ds), even if it has been correctly linked.

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