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Word: Searching for Reserved Glossary Entries

PSS ID Number: Q57465 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The information in the following table shows how to search for a reserved glossary entry in Word versions 4.00 and 5.00 using the ALT key and the numeric keypad:

Key Combination Searches For ————— ————

ALT+KEYPAD 1 (page) ALT+KEYPAD 2 (dateprint) ALT+KEYPAD 3 (timeprint) ALT+KEYPAD 9 (nextpage) (n/a in Word version 4.00)

For example, to search for the glossary entry “(page)” in a file, use ALT+KEYPAD 1 as the search text. This key combination places an extended character “smiley face” in the field area and finds the next occurrence of the (page) entry.

To search for a reserved glossary entry in Word version 5.50, use the Edit Search command. In the “Text to Search for” field, enter the following:

Key Combination Searches For ————— ————

^1 (page) ^2 (dateprint) ^3 (timeprint) ^9 (nextpage)

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