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PowerPoint: MORE or ThinkTank Outline to PowerPoint Slides PSS ID Number: Q57427 Article last modified on 06-03-1991 PSS database name: M_PowerPt

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Note: The following procedure only works with version 1.x of More. However, a More 2.x or 3.x outline can be saved in 1.x format and then imported into PowerPoint. The ability to import More 2.x and 3.x outlines is under review for inclusion in a future release of PowerPoint.

To transfer a MORE or ThinkTank file into Microsoft PowerPoint slides, do the following:

  1. Open a new PowerPoint presentation.
  2. From the File menu, choose Page Setup to set the paper size and orientation.
  3. From the View menu, choose Slide Master and make sure PowerPoint’s default settings are appropriate for the outline. PowerPoint uses these defaults to create the slides.
  4. From the View menu, choose Slides.
  5. On Slide #1, draw a word processing box. From the Text menu, choose Show Text Ruler and Line Spacing to set the indents, tabs, and line spacing for the outline. Then, from the Text menu, choose Set As Default.
  6. From the View menu, choose Slide Sorter, and put the insertion point where the new slides are to be positioned within the presentation.
  7. From the File menu, choose Paste From. Select the MORE or ThinkTank file to be imported as slides, and click Open.
  8. PowerPoint automatically creates the slides corresponding to the outline. A dialog box is displayed asking whether or not to paste the MORE or ThinkTank files into slides. Click the Slide option, then click OK.


  • The title of the outline will be used as the title of the first new slide.
  • All Level 1 entries in the outline will be placed on this first slide.
  • A new slide will be created for each Level 1 entry.
  • The Level 1 entries will be the titles of the new slides.
  • All sublevels beneath each Level 1 entry will be placed on the slide for that entry. If graphics are included in sublevel entries, a new slide will be created to contain each graphic. The graphic slides will immediately follow the slide for that entry.

For more information, see pages 142-143 in the “PowerPoint User’s Manual” for version 1.0 or pages 204-208 in the “Microsoft PowerPoint User’s Manual” for version 2.0.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1991.