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Mac Works: Complex Selection Rules in Database

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  • == Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 ==


In the Microsoft Works Database module, using a single selection rule will extract records with certain information from the database. Connectors (And and Or) will extract records with specific information and link requirements together for a more precise selections.


A maximum of six selection rules can be linked together, as follows:

And Allows linking together of multiple selection rules. Each additional rule eliminates more of the records in the Database document. When And is used between two selection rules, Works selects only those records that satisfy both rules.

Or Allows a choice between multiple selection rules. If a record doesn’t match the first rule, it might match the second or third rule.

The And connector takes precedence over the Or connector, making the order in which they are used important.

For example, in a database of addresses the following selection rules

State equals Washington And Type equals friend Or State equals Washington And Type equals associate

select everyone in the database that lives in Washington and is a friend or associate.

The following set of rules would not produce the same result:

State equals Washington And Type equals friend Or Type equals associate

This combination would produce all friends in Washington and associates everywhere.

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