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Functions within Multiplan 4.00 4.01 4.20 PSS ID Number: Q57232 Article last modified on 03-28-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

4.00 4.01 4.20



A function enumeration feature provides an interactive explanation for all the functions used by Multiplan Versions 4.00 and 4.01. To start function enumeration, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Value.

  2. Enter the “@” symbol twice (without the quotation marks).

  3. Press the RIGHT ARROW key.

    Notice that functions are listed on the screen by category. As you move the arrow keys up, down, right, and left, the syntax of the highlighted function is given in the message line of the worksheet.

  4. Scroll to the right to see additional functions. This procedure will enumerate additional functions.

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