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Excel: "Can't Access File" (GatorBox/TOPS/DOS Mounter/Dayna)

Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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You may receive the error message "Can't Access File" when opening a file over a TOPS network, from a Dayna Drive, from a PC disk using the DOS Mounter INIT, or when using a GatorBox.

Excel version 2.20a addressed the problem of accessing files over TOPS, from a Dayna Drive, or when using the DOS Mounter INIT.

Cayman Systems, manufacturer of the GatorBox, is addressing this problem with the GatorBox. For more information on accessing files from Excel 2.20 or 2.20a using the GatorBox, contact Cayman Systems at (617) 494-1999.


The problem with the GatorBox is similar to the problem early versions of Excel 2.20 had with TOPS, the Dayna Drive, and the DOS Mounter INIT. Excel uses a new protocol for accessing files that is not supported by all drives or networks. If Excel encounters a drive or network that does not support the new protocol, it looks for an error value specified by Apple to indicate that the protocol is not supported. When Excel encounters this error value, it uses the old (standard) protocol.

However, TOPS, the Dayna Drive, and the DOS Mounter INIT all return an unexpected error code. Excel 2.20 does not open files once it receives this code because it does not know if it is a safe environment in which to work. Excel version 2.20a recognizes the error code returned in all three of these environments and will open documents from any of these environments. GatorBox also returns an unexpected error message, but this error message is different from the one returned by TOPS, the Dayna Drive, and the DOS Mounter INIT, so Excel still does not recognize the error code and thus will not operate in that environment.

As mentioned above, this problem with the GatorBox is being addressed by Cayman Systems, makers of the GatorBox.

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Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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