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Excel: “One-to-One” Keyboard Shortcuts Are Incorrect PSS ID Number: Q52126 Article last modified on 02-11-1991 PSS database name: M_eXceL




Issue 9 of the “One-to-One with Microsoft” newsletter contains the following two errors in the third column on page 7 in the section about Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts:

Error 1

“To toggle between showing formulas and showing values, you must press COMMAND+` (back apostrophe) or COMMAND+~ (tilde).”

Pressing COMMAND+’ (apostrophe), as mentioned in the article, does not work. Instead, COMMAND+’ (apostrophe) copies the formula from the cell above into the formula bar.

Error 2

To format a cell as bold, italic, or underline, you must press COMMAND+SHIFT+B, COMMAND+SHIFT+I, and COMMAND+SHIFT+U. The newsletter does not specify the need for the SHIFT key. Pressing COMMAND+B clears the active selection, pressing COMMAND+I inserts cells, and pressing COMMAND+U activates the formula bar.

More Information:

For more information on displaying formulas or values, see pages 200, 323, or 523 in the “Microsoft Excel Reference” version 2.0 manual.

For more information on keyboard shortcuts, see pages 422-428 of the “Microsoft Excel Reference” version 2.0 manual or pages 21-26 of the “Microsoft Excel Quick Reference Guide” for version 2.0.

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