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PostScript File Options in Excel for OS/2 PSS ID Number: Q52109 Article last modified on 06-23-1993 PSS database name: W_eXceL




When printing to a PostScript file in Excel for OS/2, you have two options for the type of file to print to:

  1. The Raw PostScript file should be used when you plan to print to a printer that is at another location. When copying the file to the printer, you should use the following command:

    COPY <filename.ext> LPT1:/b

    If you do not have the binary /b parameter on the command line, you will get only partial output.

  2. The Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file option should be used when you are going to transfer the file to another application that can accept Encapsulated PostScript files. Please note when you print to this type of file that only the first page may show up in the file.

This information is in a Help screen in Excel for OS/2. You can view this by choosing File Printer Setup in Excel, highlighting the PostScript printer, and choosing Setup Options Help. The resulting Help screen explains the above options.

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