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Mac Daisy Link: Brother Doesn’t Support Bidirectional Printing PSS ID Number: Q51950 Article last modified on 05-16-1991 PSS database name: M_DaisyLnk




Mac Daisy Link does not support bidirectional printing with the Brother HR series printers. This is a limitation of Mac Daisy Link.

Brother does not use the same code for bidirectional printing in each of the printers in the HR series. Because the Brother option is designed to work with the entire HR series, there is no way to specify bidirectional printing using the Brother driver.

It may be possible to achieve bidirectional printing to a Brother printer by selecting the Typewriter option in the Mac Daisy Link driver. The Typewriter option is a general driver that does not support superscripting or subscripting and may or may not support other features of the printer, but will often support bidirectional printing. This may be the best option for quickly printing documents that do not contain a lot of special formatting.

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