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INF: PM Character Box Font Sizing Sample Program PSS ID Number: Q51836 Article last modified on 09-09-1991 PSS database name: P_PresMan

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There is some confusion about how setting the character box size affects the actual size of the font. There is a file named FONTSIZE in the Software/Data Library that sets the size of the fixed-pitch font Courier, and then draws a box around the font to show what the relationship is between the requested and actual sizes.

FONTSIZE also shows how to draw a raster and vector font in the same visual size by querying the raster size and then setting the vector size to match. The key point is that the charbox selects the size of lEmInc and lEMHeight.

The bottom row is a raster font without any correction; the next row is raster with correction; the next is vector without correction; the top row is vector with correction. The right side of the screen only adjusts the baseline to ensure that the font falls inside the box. The lone line at the top of the screen is the comparable-size raster and vector fonts drawn by DrawMatchingSize().

FONTSIZE can be found in the Software/Data Library by querying on the word FONTSIZE, the Q number of this article, or S12492. FONTSIZE was archived using the PKware file-compression utility.

Additional reference words: CHARBUNDLE

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