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Size of Word Versions 5.00 and 5.00a Program Files

PSS ID Number: Q51741 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

5.00 5.00a



You can easily determine whether you have Word Version 5.00a by choosing Options and pressing the ENTER key. This procedure generates a “Microsoft Word Version 5.0A” message in the message line if you have Version 5.00a. Alternatively, you can examine the file sizes.

The size of the program files varies depending upon the release of the product and whether the product was installed manually or by using Setup. If the product is installed using the Word Version 5.00 SETUP.EXE program, it will combine the WORD.EXE, WORD.OVL, and SPELL.OVL files to create a bound application capable of running under DOS or OS/2. Alternatively, if WORD.EXE and WORD.OVL are copied to the new disk, the WORD.EXE will be smaller. The following is a table of file sizes:

                   Original     Final (installed)
                   WORD.EXE     WORD.EXE
                   (bytes)      (bytes)
                   --------     -----------------

Word Version 5.00 220,364 622,428 Word Version 5.00a 217,147 620,140

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