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Works 2.00: Line Spacing Different Than in Works 1.x

PSS ID Number: Q51713 Article last modified on 06-12-1996

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Line spacing for documents created in Works Versions 1.x may change when loaded into Works Version 2.00 because line spacing has been corrected in this version.


Line spacing for files from Works 1.x may change when loaded into Works 2.00 due to the difference in how Works 2.00 determines what the automatic line spacing for different font sizes should be. Works 1.x adjusts automatic line spacing according to the font size (for example, the larger the font, the greater the line spacing; the smaller the font, the smaller the line spacing.)

Unfortunately, many dot matrix printers change only the width, not the height for different font sizes. In other words, Pica 8 may have a smaller width, but the same height as Pica 14. Since Works 1.x still changes the line spacing, some very small fonts overlap and large fonts have large gaps between lines.

Works 2.00 corrects this problem by using the true font height to determine automatic line spacing. (Works 2.00 recognizes that Pica 8 and Pica 14 should have the same automatic line spacing if their heights are the same.)

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