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Works 2.00: File Sizes of Decompressed Screen Drivers

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The following are the file sizes of the decompressed screen drivers available for Works 2.00. All screen drivers contain a keyboard driver as well.

Video Card Supported Filename Size ——————– ——– —-

8514/A, IBM or compatible IBM8514 19248 AT&T 6300/Olivetti high resolution adapter or DEB ATT6300 10102 CGA, IBM or compatible, and most laptops CGA 9617 Compaq Portable III or Portable 386 COMPAQ3 10068 EGA, IBM or compatible EGA 8880 EGA, Zenith Tecmar ZEN-TECM 8779 Ericsson high resolution adapter ERICSSON 10277 Hercules 102 Graphics Card or compatible HERC102 10614 Hercules 112 Graphics Card Plus HERC112 17231 Hercules 222 InColor Card HERC112 17231 HP Vectra high resolution adapter VECTRA 10061 IBM 3270 PC IBM3270 9533 IBM PC Convertible IBMCVT 8933 MCGA, IBM PS/2 Model 25 30 or compatible MCGA 7177 MDA, Monochrome Display Adapter: (No video driver is required) NONE Tandy 1000 TANDY 12689 Toshiba 3100 (640x400) T3100 13318 VGA, IBM PS/2 Model 30-286 50 55 60 70 80 or compatible VGA 9378 VGA, Zenith Z549 ZEN549 8730

Note: The original version of the Supplemental Setup Kit Coupon incorrectly states that support for the AT&T 6300/Olivetti, COMPAQ Portable III/Portable 386, EGA (from Zenith Tecmar), Hercules 112 and 222 Cards, and Toshiba 3100 is supplied on Kit 1. These are all supported on the shipped disks. In addition, support for the Genius Full Page Adapter (from Micro Display Systems) is listed as supported on Kit 1. This adapter is not supported by Works 2.00.

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