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Page Numbers Not Printing When Using Reduction

PSS ID Number: Q51455 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

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When using Print Reduction in Word, you can position the page number off of the page using the Format Section dialog box. Of course, if the page number is positioned off the page, it will not print.

When the Page Setup Reduction option is used, Word thinks that the page size is smaller and allows page number positioning to extend past the page size boundaries. Otherwise, Word does not allow you to type in a position number that is off the page.

When a document is set up with a print reduction, Word treats it as if it has a different page size. For example, if a document is set up to print on US Letter paper size, but is reduced to 75 percent, Word thinks that it is printing to a 11.15-inch x 14.63-inch document; therefore, Word allows settings of the page number within these measurements. Then, if the document reduction is set back to 100 percent, Word will not automatically change the position of the page number. As a result, the page number is off the page and will not print.

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