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MacWord: Converting MacWord 4.0 Tables to PageMaker 3.02 PSS ID Number: Q51449 Article last modified on 08-17-1993 PSS database name: APpsConV




The following information is taken from the PageMaker for the Macintosh version 3.02 README file:

You can place tables created in Word for the Macintosh 4.0 into PageMaker 3.02 in two ways:

  1. In Word, you must insert a hidden character (T) in the the last line before the table and then import the Word file containing the table as usual, using the Place command in PageMaker. Use this approach for simple tables that contain no more than one line for each row in the table.

    When you place the table in PageMaker, it inserts tabs between each cell in the table. Each row of the table is formatted as a paragraph and styles you applied in Word 4.0 are applied to each row. To format and align the table in PageMaker, you must set tabs using PageMaker’s Indents/tabs command.

    Placing tables this way works best for tables that have rows containing cells do not exceed one line or include tabs.

  2. Another way to import a table created in Word 4.0 into PageMaker is to save the table as a graphic and then paste it into PageMaker. This way you can retain the text alignment and borders exactly as you specified them in Word. Use this method for more complex tables you create in Word 4.0.

    1. Select the table in Microsoft Word.

    2. In Word, press (COMMAND+OPTION+D). This copies the table to the Clipboard as a PICT graphic. If you are importing more than one table, paste the table to the Scrapbook and repeat steps a and

    3. In PageMaker, choose the Paste command to copy the table from the Clipboard. If you are pasting from the Scrapbook, copy the table from the Scrapbook and paste it into PageMaker.

Additional reference words: mswdtable 4.00

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