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Using Format Position with Side-by-Side Paragraphs in Word

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When using the Format Position command to absolutely position text on a page that uses side-by-side paragraphs, the side-by-side paragraphs do not flow around the absolutely positioned object (APO). Instead, the paragraphs are broken. A similar effect occurs if the pair of side-by-side paragraphs are separated by a page break (that is, the second set of side-by-side paragraphs is kept together and pushed onto the next page).

To demonstrate this problem, do the following.

  1. Create two sets of side-by-side paragraphs (four paragraphs total) that encompass the same area of the page you want to apply the absolutely positioned text formatting to.

  2. Type a sentence (for example, “this is a test”).

  3. Select the sentence and then press ESC Format pOsition to center the paragraph on the page.

    1. Using the “horizontal frame position:” field, set the APO to the same place on the page where the side-by-side paragraphs are located.

    2. In the “relative to:” field, select page.

    3. In the “vertical frame position:” field, select a position on the page where the side-by-side paragraphs are located.

    4. In the “relative to:” field, select page.

Notice that the side-by-side paragraphs don’t flow around the APO. This same problem occurs if the APO is a graphics file.

This problem will also occur when using Word 5.50.

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