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Works 2.0: “Sector Not Found…” During Setup on Toshiba 1600

PSS ID Number: Q51287 Article last modified on 12-11-1997



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When setting up Works Version 2.00 on the Toshiba 1600, you may receive the message “Sector Not Found Error Reading Drive A:”. This error is caused by the presence of the disk-caching utility Super PC-Kwik (Toshiba Version 3.x).

The Toshiba Version 3.x of Super PC-Kwik supplied with the Toshiba 1600 is not compatible with Works 2.00 or the SETUP utility. Remove the following line(s) from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to eliminate the problem:


Remove the following lines, also, if they are present:

C: C: C:

These are other memory-resident utilities that work in conjunction with Super PC-Kwik.

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