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PowerPoint: Setting Defaults for New Slide Presentations PSS ID Number: Q51272 Article last modified on 08-21-1991 PSS database name: M_PowerPt

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To establish a set of default formats that will be used for new Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, do the following:

  1. Start PowerPoint and open a new presentation.

  2. Set the various defaults to be used for each new presentation. The following items can be set as defaults:

    1. Slide size

    2. Slide orientation

    3. Color scheme

    4. Colors for Fill, Line, Shadow, Pattern Contrast, and Text

    5. Text styles

    6. Object attributes (Opaque, Framed, Filled, Shadowed, Sized To Text, Pattern, Line Style, and Arrowhead)

    7. Defaults for word processing boxes (Indents, Tabs, and Line Spacing), Graphics or text on the Slide Master, Notes Master, and Handout Page

  3. From the File menu, choose Save As.

  4. Save the file under the name “Default Format” (without quotation marks), either in the System Folder or in the folder that holds the PowerPoint application.

The characteristics of this file will then be automatically applied to all new presentations, as they are created, unless a presentation is already open at the time. In this case, you have the option of using the default format or the format of the active presentation.

For more detailed information on setting defaults, see pages 105-107 of the “Microsoft PowerPoint User’s Manual” for version 2.0.

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