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Word: Converting an Outline Heading to Text

PSS ID Number: Q51223 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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To convert an outline mode, heading level into text in Microsoft Word version 5.00, use the ALT+P key combination. For example, move the cursor to the line that is a heading while you are in outline mode (SHIFT+F2 toggles between this mode and edit mode). Press ALT+P to convert the header text to body text.

In Word version 5.50, use the same procedure. The equivalent keystroke to ALT+P is CTRL+X.

To convert the entire outline to text, highlight everything using SHIFT+F10 and press ALT+P (ALT+X, P if you have a style sheet attached) in version 5.00 or CTRL+X if your using version 5.50.

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