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Excel: Positioning Active Cell at Top-Left Corner of Window

Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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The FORMULA.GOTO(ref) function can be used to position a cell range in the active portion of the window, where "ref" is a reference to the range to be located in the active portion of the window. Note that "ref" must be a range of cells that contains enough rows and columns to fill the active window.

For example, to position cell C10 in the upper-left corner of the active window, the following formula can be used on a normal Macintosh screen:


Note that this range is dependent on the font and font size due to variable row heights and column widths and may need to be adjusted for individual worksheets.


Using the SELECT command instead of FORMULA.GOTO selects a given range without moving it into the active area of the screen. To ensure that the range is moved to the active area of the screen, use FORMULA.GOTO.

For more information on the FORMULA.GOTO function, see page 93 of the "Microsoft Excel Function Reference" version 3.0 manual. If you are using Excel 2.20, see page 227 of the "Microsoft Excel Functions and Macros" version 2.2 manual.

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Last reviewed: November 2, 1994
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