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Multiplan: Underlined Text While Printing with the Okidata 192 PSS ID Number: Q51174 Article last modified on 02-14-1991 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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If the Okidata 192 printer is in NORMAL mode instead of the IBM character set mode, all of the text will appear to be underlined and an underlined capital letter “B” will appear in the upper left-hand corner. This is the result of using the OKI192.PRD, which was written for an Okidata 192 with an “IBM identity module,” a chip that plugs into the main circuit board of the printer, in use.

There are two potential solutions to this problem. The first solution works properly with every Okidata 192, the second solution requires the existence of an IBM identity module inside the printer:

  1. Use the OKI92.PRD, which takes advantage of the Okidata Microline NORMAL character set.

  2. The IBM character set is available on printers that have a special IBM identity module.

    1. Leave the printer driver as OKI192.PRD.

    2. Change the menu selection to the IBM character set as described on Pages 5-1 through 5-8 of the “Okidata Personal Printer User’s Manual.”

More Information:

If Solution 2 is choosen and the printer has the IBM identity module installed, the following steps are required to change the character set:

  1. Hold down the FORM FEED button (FF) while turning on the printer. Notice that “MENU PRINT?” is printed.

  2. Press the SELECT button to print the current settings.

    Notice that the sixth option from the top is “CH SET” (character set) and that it is set to “NORM” for the normal character set.

  3. Press the FORM FEED button seven times. This process causes each option to be printed with the current setting. The seventh press of this button should cause “CH SET NORM” to be printed.

  4. “CH SET NORM” can be turned from “NORM” to “IBM” by pressing the SELECT button one or more times.

  5. To end this session, press the TOF SET button.

  6. Turn off the printer and move the paper to the top-of-form position, which is one line above the top of the page.

At this point Multiplan will print with the IBM character set if an IBM identity module is installed in the printer. Otherwise, the problem will recur and Solution 1 should be used.

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