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Excel: 2.20 BIFF (Binary File Format) Information

Last reviewed: April 3, 1997
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BIFF (binary file format) is the file format in which Microsoft Excel 2.20 documents are saved to disk. A BIFF file is a complete description of a Microsoft Excel document. BIFF files consist of a specific sequence of variable-length records. There are many different types of BIFF records. For example, one record type describes a formula contained in a cell, another describes the size and location of a window into a document, and another describes the format of a picture.

Within a BIFF file, a certain type of record is repeated as necessary to complete the Microsoft Excel document description. For example, a spreadsheet row that contains 10 formulas will have 10 formula-type records in the BIFF file. Records within the BIFF file are arranged by type in a specific order.


This information was taken from the "Macro Tips" section on page 8 of the "Microsoft Excel Technical Reference for the Macintosh." The "Microsoft Excel Technical Reference for the Macintosh" is part of the Microsoft Excel Development Kit. To obtain this kit, call Microsoft End User Sales and Services at (800) 426-9400.

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Last reviewed: April 3, 1997
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