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Mouse Problems Running Word 5.00 under SoftPC

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SoftPC is an IBM emulation that runs within the Macintosh environment. When running Word Version 5.00 under SoftPC Version 1.3 (small version) on a Macintosh system, the Word mouse cursor will have its position updated only when there is some other screen activity (i.e., typing, selecting menus). Basically, the mouse cursor appears frozen until you type or click the mouse button to initiate some activity.

SoftPC keeps a screen buffer in memory separate from the display that you see on the screen. Any time the contents of the off-screen buffer changes, SoftPC will repaint the entire window.

With the mouse driver that is provided by Insignia Solutions, the maker of SoftPC, movement of the mouse pointer is not considered to be a change to the off-screen buffer, so the window on the screen is not repainted despite the fact that the mouse cursor is moving.

Microsoft has not tested Word in this configuration and cannot guarantee proper operation. For further information, contact Insignia Systems at (408) 522-7600.

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