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Roman Numeral Headings Do Not Align in Outlining Mode

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When using the renumbering function in the outlining mode of Microsoft Word, it is possible that Roman numeral heading numbers will not align correctly.

Tabs in the outlining mode are dependent on the default tab stops. Because Roman numerals vary in width, they may not all align with the same default tab stop.

To use Roman numeral heading numbers and still have the subsequent text line up properly with the rest of the outline, you must change the default tab stop setting in the Format/Document dialog box to be large enough to encompass the width of the largest Roman numeral number. A default tab stop of 0.611 and a right margin of no greater then 1.0 inch allows for Roman numeral heading numbers up to 13.


There is a problem in Word with accommodating large default tab stops in the Outlining mode (see query below); therefore, you cannot have Roman numeral headings larger than 13 and have the subsequent text line up with other first level headings of the outline.

For more information on accommodating tab stops in Outlining mode, query on the following words:

M_Word and default and tab and stops and outlining

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