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Creating Delimited ASCII Files in Multiplan PSS ID Number: Q50942 Article last modified on 04-09-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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Multiplan Versions 4.00, 4.01, and 4.20 can save a file directly in delimited ASCII format by setting Transfer Options to ASCII, and then saving the file. The delimiter is selected in the Transfer Save “delimiter:” field. This file can be loaded into any word processor or text editor.

An ASCII file can be created in any version of Multiplan by choosing the Print File command, entering a filename, and pressing the ENTER key. If delimiters such as commas are required between cell contents that will be moved to the ASCII file, these commas must first be entered into the worksheet in versions earlier than Multiplan Version 4.00.

More Information:

To create a delimited ASCII file in versions of Multiplan earlier than 4.00, perform the following steps. Note that the steps use a comma as the delimiter, but any other character can be used as well.

  1. Move the cell pointer to Column 2.
  2. Choose Insert Column and press ENTER.
  3. Choose Format Width, enter 3 for the column width, and press ENTER. Note that 3 is the minimum column width.
  4. Choose Alpha and enter a comma (,). Press the ENTER key.
  5. Choose Copy Down. Enter the number of rows in the worksheet and press the ENTER key.
  6. Move the cell pointer two columns to the right.
  7. Repeat Steps 2 through 6 until commas have been placed between all desired cells in the worksheet.
  8. Choose Print File. Enter a filename and press ENTER.
  9. Load the file created in Step 8 into a word processor or text editor and remove extra spaces between commas and numbers. A search and replace function in the word processor can expedite this step.

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