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Works 2.00: “Insert Disk in Drive C:” with Setup on T1000

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When running Setup on a Toshiba T1000 laptop, you may receive the message “Insert a disk in drive C:”. There is no C: floppy drive, and Toshiba has confirmed this to be a problem with their laptop. To avoid this problem, complete the following steps when installing Works 2.00 on a T1000:

  1. At the DOS prompt, type “B:SETUP”.
  2. When prompted to insert the Works 2.00 Setup disk in Drive B, insert the Setup disk in Drive A instead and press ENTER.
  3. When prompted, insert your working copy disk in Drive A and continue with Setup.

Note: When Setup prompts you to modify the CONFIG.SYS file, choose “No”. Works Setup cannot directly modify the T1000 CONFIG.SYS file because it is located on a read-only ROM drive. Consult your Toshiba T1000 manual on how to use SETUP10, to modify the CONFIG.SYS file. The only changes necessary are to increase the FILES= setting from 10 to 15, and if you intend to use a Mouse, the addition of a line reading “DRIVE:PATH”, where PATH represents the DOS path to the location of the MOUSE.COM mouse driver.

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