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Works: Downloading Fonts to a Xerox 4045

PSS ID Number: Q50670 Article last modified on 06-12-1996

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You cannot download fonts to the Xerox 4045 from the Works Versions 1.x and 2.00 programs. The font set provided from Xerox does not contain escape sequences to reset the printer prior to downloading. This information is also not supplied by the X4045DLP.DAT file.


As a workaround, a series of batch files can be created to download the fonts prior to entering Works. The contents of these batch files are as follows:


copy begin.txt lpt1: copy *.fnt lpt1: copy endload.txt lpt1:


=UDK=~ ~+F


=UDK=~ ~+X

After creating these three files and putting them in the same directory as the font descriptions, downloading can be accomplished by invoking the LOADFONT.BAT batch file. The batch file will then continue to download fonts until the printer memory is full.

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