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Works 2.00 Msg: Insert Setup/Learning Works 3 Disk

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When running the Microsoft Works Conversion and Supplemental Setup program with either Supplemental Kit 1 or 2, you will be asked to insert the Setup/Learning Works 3 disk if you choose “Yes” when you are asked if you want to choose a video card different from the one your working copy is currently using.

If you intend to select only a new printer driver and/or your video configuration was supported in the main Works Version 2.00 Setup program, you should choose “No” instead.

Choose “Yes” to select a new video card only if your video configuration is among those listed below. The video drivers supplied with the Supplemental Kits are as follows:

Video Card Compressed Driver ———- —————–

Ericsson high resolution adapter ERICSSON.CVD IBM PC Convertible IBMCVT.CVD IBM 3270 PC IBM3270.CVD 8514/A, IBM or compatible IBM8514.CVD HP Vectra high resolution adapter VECTRA.CVD VGA, Zenith Z549 ZEN549.CVD

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