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Word: Accessing Extended Character Set on a Laptop Computer

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Most laptop computers have a numeric keypad by which the extended ASCII character set can be accessed. However, it is not always obvious how this keypad is activated.

The keypads on the Toshiba laptop computers (T1000, T1100, T1100+, T5100, etc.) are accessed by holding down the blue FN key (usually near the left SHIFT or SPACEBAR key) and entering the blue numbers along the base of the alphabetic letters with NUM LOCK activated. To access the keypad for a series of numbers, disable the NUM LOCK before depressing the FN key and then enable the NUM LOCK key.

The NEC laptop computers (UltraLight and Prospeed models) all have a separate keypad that is activated by depressing the NUM LOCK key.

Another option for accessing the IBM extended character set on laptops or computers without keypads is to use the file CHARTEST.DOC, which is supplied with Word Version 5.00. CHARTEST.DOC contains a table of pre-entered IBM extended characters that could be copied into a glossary, one entry at a time. These individual entries could then be inserted into any document.

Refer to your laptop manual or manufacturer for details on how your laptop accesses the numeric keys.

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