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Excel: Recording Macro with Send Mail to a Group Doesn't Work

Last reviewed: October 31, 1994
Article ID: Q50455


When recording a macro in Microsoft Excel version 2.20 that performs a Send Mail to a group address, the resulting macro command will be incorrect. For example, when recording a macro that sends a file to a group called "Agents" on a server called "Marketing", the macro statement will resemble the following:

   =SEND.MAIL("Agents@Marketing","Worksheet name",FALSE)

This will not work correctly because groups are not designated by the server on which they reside but by the word "Group". To correct the above example, replace the name of the server ("Marketing") with the word "Group".

For example:

   =SEND.MAIL("Agents@Group",Worksheet name",FALSE)

The macro should now run correctly. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post new information here as it becomes available.

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Additional reference words: 2.20

Last reviewed: October 31, 1994
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