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Excel: Formula Viewer Macro Displays Unexpected Data

Last reviewed: October 31, 1994
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The first time the Formula Viewer macro is executed during an editing session in Excel, the summary report may display financial information that is not present in the worksheet that the summary report is generated from. The amount of financial information displayed depends on how large the selection area is when the macro is run. Additional executions of the macro do not produce this unrelated information.

The Formula Viewer macro has this financial information entered into column N of the macro sheet. The first time the macro is run, the selected information from the worksheet is inserted into column N and any cells that are not overwritten display the financial information. When the macro finishes creating the summary report, it clears column N. This is why the financial data only appears on the first run of the macro. When the macro closes, it does not save the changes made to it, allowing every initial execution of the macro to revert to the financial information stored in column N.


The following steps will delete this extra information in column N of the macro so that it does not display on the first summary report created:

  1. Open the macro and choose Unhide from the Window menu.
  2. Select the Formula Viewer macro and click OK.
  3. Highlight column N and choose Clear from the Edit menu.
  4. From the Window menu, choose Hide.
  5. Choose Quit. When Excel prompts to save changes to the Formula Viewer macro, choose Yes. This will permanently eliminate the financial information in column N from the macro.

The Formula Viewer macro is located on the Excel Help & Examples disk in the Macro Library folder.

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Additional reference words: 2.20

Last reviewed: October 31, 1994
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