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Mail: Third-Party Gateway Developers for Microsoft Mail PSS ID Number: Q50433 Article last modified on 11-18-1991 PSS database name: M_MaiL

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IMPORTANT: All Microsoft Mail version 2.0 customers who have gateways installed should be using the “MS Mail GW” file version 2.00b and the “Microsoft Mail Server” file version 2.00b, both of which are located in the System Folder of the Mail server. An updated “MS Mail GW” file is available through Microsoft End User Sales and Service at (800) 426-9400 or Microsoft International Customer Service at (206) 936-8661, but ONLY for customers using the AppleLink Gateway to Microsoft Mail. Customers using other gateways must obtain an updated “MS Mail GW” file from the developer of the gateway they are using. The Microsoft Mail server upgrade can also be obtained at the above numbers.

The following is a list of third-party developers and the gateways products they are designing for Mail.

If you need information on how one of these gateways works, please call the company developing the gateway.

More Information:

Company Product ——- ——-

Touch Communications X.400 Gateway (408) 374-2500

Alisa Systems, Inc. VAX Server (818) 792-9474 VMS Mail All-in-1 Gateway

Pacer Software, Inc. VAX Server (508) 898-3300 VMS Mail All-in-1 Gateway

SoftSwitch, Inc. SNADS (Profs, All-in-1, (215) 640-9600 VAX Server VMS Mail, Wang Office, WANG Mailway, HP Desk, DG CEO, Gateway MCI Mail, etc.)

Solutions, Inc. FAX (802) 865-9220 MCI Gateways

Cayman Systems, Inc. UNIX/SMTP (617) 494-1999 Gateway

Infosphere, Inc. Liaison 2.1 (503) 226-1404 Gateway (to remote MS Mail servers)

GE Information Services Quik-comm (301) 340-4454 Gateway

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