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Print Options Menu Does Not Change When Old Menus Selected PSS ID Number: Q50322 Article last modified on 06-28-1991 PSS database name: D_MPlan

4.00 4.01 4.20



In Microsoft Multiplan versions 4.00, and 4.01, setting the Options “old menus:” field to Yes does not change the Print Options menu. Multiplan retains the new menu format because of the introduction of printer drivers that were not available in earlier versions.

The Print Options menu from Multiplan version 3.04 and earlier has a “setup:” field for entering printer control codes. This is not an option in Multiplan 4.00 or 4.01. The “setup:” field is available in version 4.20.

Escape codes can be entered in Multiplan 4.00, 4.01, and 4.20 by modifying the printer driver. Enter the code at byte:0, which is sent at the start of the print job. Reset codes, which are sent at the end of a print job, can be entered at byte:4. Modifications are made by using the MakePRD utility.

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