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Iconing Word 5.00 Under Windows/286

PSS ID Number: Q50301 Article last modified on 01-24-1995

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To minimize Word version 5.00 to an icon and return to the Microsoft Windows/286 screen on a system equipped with an EGA or VGA graphics adapter, switch Word to text mode. To do this, select mode 1 in the Options “display mode:” field.

With the higher resolutions of the EGA and VGA graphics cards, Windows/286 has problems handling the changes between display modes, either prohibiting the change or failing to adjust the display mode upon reentering Word. This causes Word to trail off the bottom of the screen, attempting to display more than is available.

To avoid this problem, be sure the Options “display mode:” field is set to 1 to successfully and consistently toggle between Word 5.00 and the Windows/286 screen.

Word version 5.50 may behave in the same fashion. The display mode setting is established from the View Preferences (ALT, V, E) menu in the Display Mode (ALT+M) field.

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