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Works: Support for the HP DeskJet Plus

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====================================================================== 2.00 MS-DOS kbprint


The Hewlett-Packard (HP) DeskJet Plus inkjet printer is first supported in Works version 2.00.

Support for the DeskJet Plus in Works 2.00 is as follows:

Cartridges and Downloadable Font Sets Driver ————————————- ——

A B and C cartridges HPDESK1 D E and F cartridges HPDESK2 G H and J cartridges HPDESK3 M P and Q cartridges HPDESK4 R, T, U, and V cartridges, 8C and 8D, Roman8 characters DESKJET1 R, T, U, and V cartridges, 8C and 8D, legal characters DESKJET2 R, T, U, and V cartridges, 8C and 8D, ASCII characters DESKJET3

HPDESK1.PRD is included in the retail package of Works. HPDESK2.PRD, HPDESK3.PRD, HPDESK4.PRD, DESKJET1.PRD, DESKJET2.PRD, and DESKJET3.PRD, along with the Works 2.00 file conversion utility, can be obtained by contacting Microsoft Customer Service at (800) 426-9400 or (425) 936-8661 (for international customers only) and requesting the Conversion and Supplemental Printer Kit #1.

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