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PRB: Using Datetime Variable w/ WAITFOR TIME or WAITFOR DELAY ID Number: Q50209

1.10 1.11 4.20 OS/2


SYMPTOMS Neither WAITFOR TIME nor WAITFOR DELAY will accept a variable for the “time” parameter.

CAUSE This is a limitation of SQL, and currently there are no plans to modify this behavior.

RESOLUTION If you try to use a datetime variable with WAITFOR TIME or WAITFOR DELAY, as the following sequence of ISQL statements attempt, you receive a syntax error on line 3, referring to the variable “@i”. There is no way to work around this limitation. You must use a constant value, as demonstrated in the second example listed below.

The following sequence of statements generates a syntax error on line 3:

  1>DECLARE @i datetime
  2>SELECT @i="02:25"

The following sequence of statements works correctly:

  1>WAITFOR TIME "02:25"

Additional reference words: Transact-SQL